Phase 1
  • Notice and meetings with all CEO's, CFO's, COO's and organization Directors

  • Begin legislative process

  • Budget decisions

  • Meetings with all department heads/practice

  • Communication and orientation

  • Outreach to neighborhood groups and grassroots

  • Review all travel laws

  • Creation and distribution of educational materials and responsibilities

  • Handouts and information leaflets at meetings

  • Establish website

Phase 2
  • Press Conference

  • TV/Radio PSA's UTube Twitter, etc

  • Orientations at all colleges and for new employees

  • In School talks/ Assemblies

  • Notices home from schools, with register receipts at stores, car inspections

  • 'Escort' services

  • Reminders/message and logo in all City mailings

Phase 3
  • City signs and warning dates

  • Warning notices from ancillary staff

  • Reminders of laws and warning dates in all city and business mailings

  • Continue PSA's etc

Phase 4
  • Serious and consistent enforcement

  • Continue leaflets and information distribution

  • TROMP logo on all official, business and educational material with reference to website

  • Circulation of surveys and tallies (3/6/12 mos/2yrs/5ys)

  • Violation and accident tallies

The four phases are not mutually exclusive