Please Obey Traffic Laws

26 Sep 2013

To the Editor of the Cambridge Chronicle:

Please Obey Traffic Laws

David Dahlbacka’s letter bemoaning the disdain some cyclists show to traffic laws could be from the TROMP playbook. Except TROMP is concerned with how pedestrians and carists also freely interpret the rules of the road. Travel Responsibility Outreach and Mentoring Project wants everyone who walks, bikes or rides in our City to know the laws and travel with respect toward others. The sense of privilege that permeates our sidewalks and streets is rendered even more dangerous with the addition of distractibles. No one looks up anymore.

As long as people travel as if they are entitled to get to their destination as quickly as possible - every stop sign, crosswalk or other human is a nuisance. Pedestrians ignore traffic lights; bikes weave between cars; cars don’t use signals and turn in front of cyclists. The only way to change this is through a unified, across the board effort to educate ALL travelers about the importance of being responsible and collaborative.

We all need to get somewhere. Let’s invest in doing so safely and sanely; near misses don’t go in the plus column. For information and to be part of the solution: